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Thanks to our December donors!

A HUGE thank you to our supporters who made generous donations in December! Thanks to: Selene Hale for donating $100 Dwight and Joann Freund for donating $500 Sam Freund for donating $2,500 Thanks to our amazing donors, we can continue to keep our doors open to the Sacramento community. Want to donate before the end […]

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December Updates

We’ve been working really hard to inspire creativity. We want to see people open up and identify with the world in new ways, through music and self expression. To that point we’ve been meditating and meeting and thinking a lot about how we can help MusicLandria be more impactful. We’re at a crucial crossroad and […]

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November Updates

Hi all, Hope your November was a doozy. We’re working hard to find funding so we can expand our services and move into a dedicated store front. We applied for three grants but had no luck. We’re organizing a handful of community meetings to try to help grow MusicLandria and better serve our community. Also […]

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