December Updates

We’ve been working really hard to inspire creativity. We want to see people open up and identify with the world in new ways, through music and self expression.

To that point we’ve been meditating and meeting and thinking a lot about how we can help MusicLandria be more impactful. We’re at a crucial crossroad and need to build a strong team. Without a strong team of dedicated help, we won’t be able to reach those who need access to music the most.

So, we’re taking our first couple steps towards building a strong team. This Saturday (Dec 30th) we’re organizing our first volunteer day with the plan to continue them on a weekly basis. Beyond that we’re planning meetings with a group of interested grant writers to build a grant writing team. If you’d like to help volunteer on Saturdays, or if you’d like to join our grant writer team, please contact us. Don’t have time to help, perhaps you can share this post with your friends and family?

And as always, thank you so much for believing in the power of music.