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Four Headed Records

We Are A VHS Record Label

4HR (Four Headed Records) creates VHS split albums. Each VHS tape includes 2 bands, 15 minutes each and can also include video. If you’re a band from Oakland or the Sacramento area, and you’re interested on being on a 4HR release, send us a message.

To submit, please be prepared to

  • Send us 15 minutes of music and video OR come to MusicLandria and we’ll record you straight to VHS
  • Suggest another band that you’d like to do a split with
    • They must be willing and ready to submit 15 minutes of music and video as well
    • Priority will be given to bands who submit split ideas that include 2 ready to go bands


Here is (VHS00001) “Tryna make a smoothie but cha can’t” with Bachelor Paradise and Oops.


Four Headed Records