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About 4HR

Four Headed Records
A VHS Record Label

Being a musician is genuinely hard. Simply affording instruments is a barrier to creativity. Beyond that, the cost to record, manufacture and distribute an album is monetarily impossible for many musicians. For this reason, creativity becomes stifled, community suffers and self-expression is repressed.

To solve this problem, we are developing a DIY, VHS Tape Label called Four Headed Records. It will be the only VHS Tape Label in existence and will be the first of its kind. Simply put, Four Headed Records will release albums on VHS Tapes instead of Cassette Tapes, CDs or Vinyl, for free, with all proceeds from album sales going directly to the artists.

Our project will deliver free resources to underserved musicians based out of Oakland California. To get the community on-board, we will feature original artists and new releases each month.

Our monthly VHS tape releases will include two or more musical projects, one from Oakland, and the other will be from any other part of the world. By connecting underserved musicians from different parts of the world, we inspire new creative bonds while simultaneously building a bridge between various underserved music communities.

With each new release, Four Headed Records will gradually archive Oakland’s distinct musical voice. In this way, we will impact thousands of Oakland based musicians for generations to come.

Through experimentation, we have found that VHS tapes produce high-quality recordings with unique characteristics. With the right equipment, a professional recording can be produced and copied. Both physical copies and digital releases are possible.

Four Headed Records aims to reimagine the VHS medium while building community. We will preserve our musical past, to inform our musical future.