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About Us


The Library of MusicLandria is committed to building the world’s largest free musical instrument library. Through our instrument lending and preservation programs, we break down the barriers to musical exploration, and inspire personal growth through hands on learning.



It is our dream to provide creative and cognitive growth opportunities to individuals by equipping them with the tools needed to increase their quality of life and expand their human experience through the gift of music.


The benefits of music have been proven to: improve visual and verbal skills, keep an aging brain healthy, increase an individual’s level of happiness, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep quality, boost immune system and reduce depression and anxiety. Individual and community growth is realized when every person, alone or in community with others, have the resources and access at all times to adequate tools or means for creative expression and exploration.



On June 1st 2014, Buddy Hale began operating The Library Of MusicLandria. The adventure began in a tiny apartment in Sacramento California and has since made a significant impact on the community. The first item checked out was a Omnichord, which was both poetic and perfect. Since our launch, MusicLandria has completed over 1300 loans, signed up over 100 members and expanded our catalog to include over 200 musical instruments.