MusicLandria Mystery House

Wouldn’t it be amazing if MusicLandria had a space where we could deck out a bunch of rooms with different types of musical instruments / resources! We’re still seeking a permanent location to build Sac Music Hub!

The Library of Musiclandria needs a new home. We are looking for 5000 + square feet of donated or subsidized commercial space in Sacramento to realize Sac Music Hub.

In the last 5 years, we have experienced tremendous growth. Starting as a 25 instrument library, we had the vision of making instruments available to every community member at zero cost. Today we house over 600 distinct musical instruments and resources: everything from guitars to amps, woodwinds, stringed instruments, keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, mics, cables, recording gear, effect pedals, stage lights, percussion and fog machines. Additionally, we have been able to regularly provide workshops, instrument petting zoos, recording services, live music and professional development opportunities. All of this growth is the direct result of the overwhelming support we have received from all of you! And this is just the beginning. In the next 2 years we hope to offer state of the art recording, volunteer – led music programs in schools and community centers, and a fully loaded music and art venue and practice rooms. But we need more space to do it.

OUR ASK: We know most of you don’t have commercial buildings to spare. But you may know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone who shares our mission to fuel musical expression by breaking barriers to access and creating community spaces wherein musicians can come together as a community. Someone who also has the means to help. So we are asking all of you to PLEASE TAG YOUR FRIENDS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, We know that someone out there is sitting on space that is not currently being used. With luck, and your help, we’ll find that person and make an even greater impact on our community.